How many things could be done that offer a greater sense of freedom than flying?

Mastering that three-dimensional domain to go where we want must go beyond the impressive. And I do not mean the fact of riding on a plane, but what would be, if we could, fly without appliances, just with our arms, like birds do. No engine noise, only that of our breathing and that of the touch that the wind would make against our body. Looking at the horizon or towards an easy destination to reach from the heights.

They did not “make us” to fly, the third dimension was removed from our natural trajectories and we have to unwrap in the two-dimensional terrain where, any alteration in a vertical sense supposes an effort or a relief, depending on the slope up or down.

Enjoying, for a moment, the company of these privileged is something unique. When they approach, when they look at you and when they fly with you. Of course, the moment did not last long, the seagulls have many things to do in addition to approaching humans and run the risk of being plucked as it happens to their relatives gallinaceos.

Thinking a little how your life can be, with its risks and struggles to survive, surely, it’s not a bargain. But the feeling of freedom that they project is admirable and one feels that I want and I can not suppose that I can not follow them and see how they go away until they disappear.

Putting a bird in a cage, whatever it is, is a huge act of selfishness and cruelty.

We are selfish and cruel. Make no mistake, individually there will be many people aware, but we can not attribute to our species something that does not do unanimously or at least in a very high percentage. This is how we judge: when an ape demonstrates intelligence, we do not say that this species is intelligent, because not all its components show it, it is only one or two or three, but not all. However, we attribute the intelligence, common sense, reasoning, … … …, when really intelligent … few, common sense … you already know and reasoning … your absence. Win viscerality, envy and mandriloid fanaticism by a landslide, but no, we are intelligent, which doubt fits ! We will finish intelligently with the entire planet and our epitaph will be something like … “Well, we were not that smart”.

Out of embarrassing pathos, and for what it touches me, my poor intellect gives me to see images like this and to share a magical moment in which I flew with the seagulls.

British Virgin Islands, July 2013


Translated using Google Translate.



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