The song does not specify the type of flower.

I saw this one. A white rose, beautiful, perfect, balanced, full of life and seduction. Because the flowers seduce and are naturally made to seduce.

Many years after doing this picture, I also left. There were kisses, there were hugs, there was no flower, although looks of all colors.

The song that so impressively sang Nino Bravo made a dent whenever it sounded and one was far away. And it is a fact that continues to take its toll even though it is not already.

Music marks scenarios and epochs in our life. He is able to move us to another moment in which we live listening to him.

The melody of a movie, the sound of a music box, a barrel organ, a hymn, a pasodoble …

The smells too. An odor is capable of “tele-transporting” us to the most remote sequences of our existence.

A colony, the smell of burning wood, the smell of a coffee pot, the smell of naphthalene in a cupboard, … and the smell of flowers.

This white rose captivated me for its elegance, both aromatic and face-to-face, and was linked to my memories along with that song.

A rose carrying the most desired messages, important and grateful to receive as they are those that come from the heart.

My father gave it to my mother.


Madrid, February 1993.



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