On occasion I met someone who always referred to a complicated person as saying that his mind was twisted and knotted.

I always liked it, and it was recorded to me, that way of classifying the neighbor when his deal complicates what is understandable.

This traffic signal was understandable, but it did not stop being … twisted and knotted. It protected an old bridge, I think Roman, from being traversed by heavy traffic near the town of Navarrevisca in Ávila.

The issue is, once we delve into this thought, what or who is more twisted ?, the twisted signal or the “twister” that passed by there ?. Apart from twisted, the individual in question had to have a vampiric force because, I give faith, that iron suffered from all malleability and it would be said that the signal was turned and rotated like a lollipop to result in that state.

What would be the message? “Am I able to twist everything I set out to do?” or something like the bridal game of a bear to conquer the bear that consists of pushing a small tree to knock it down? Maybe it was just that every time he passed by, he would go around the “lollipop” until he could not take it anymore.

In any case, the twist took possession of me when I took the picture because maybe nobody twisted anything and simply the stick was already twisted from the factory and only folded.

Stop now because you can see that this is contagious.

Navarrevisca, Ávila, July 2001.



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