It’s curious how social standards are created, let alone the paradigms or, as I call them, the customs of “this was always the case”.

A hardworking person with resolutive abilities and who communicates well is always well regarded and ‘should’ be well valued at the professional level. Capabilities and skills are many, but among all these qualifiers the one that always caught my attention is that of perfectionist, especially when self-attributed.

Someone once said with an air of restrained pride… I’m very perfectionist and demanding. No doubt, in the vast majority of cases, this is accompanied by frustrated, insecure and somewhat asshole. And the fact is that the frontier of perfectionism is complicated to find and usually shares its limits with those of the observer’s demand… which, on the other hand, is not usually excessively high…

We live in an imperfect world where imperfection and an ‘organized’ chaos envelops us and going ‘half way’ may be the smartest way, although perhaps not the most perfect.

Trying to achieve perfection in a world that is not, is a daring that some believe to reach, and other “purists” swallow it.

A path to eternal frustration, to unhappiness and even to our darkest and most paralyzing side.

Perfection lacks emotion, because emotions are random and imperfect as they depend on each person and other variables difficult to predict. Does emotional intelligence contribute to being closer to possible perfection? Not feeling anything… is it perfection?

What is perfection? A perfect square that only a few are able to appreciate or a square adjusted to the reality of the viewer?. The obsession to reach it, is this part of the stupidity of the human being ?. Maybe a way of feeling that is above mediocrity, the normal, the predictable?.

There are many artists who have shown that within imperfection there is a singular beauty which, in many occasions, is more complicated to achieve, as it moves away from the pure mathematics of perfection.

The understanding of perfection is the key. If you want to create something perfect for the human eye to see … the limit will be its capacity of appreciation. To go further… can be silly.

Finding the balance of what is beautiful, the harmony of what is well made within the order and pulse that our universe sets, as well as understanding that everything is constantly changing… will take us out of the darkness.



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