Next to the church of Trinity, at number 75 Broadway in New York, is the figure of the roots of a tree.

It perished before the fall of the famous twin towers and symbolizes the horror of the event. Its heartbreaking shapes, the blood red color with which it is painted and the fact of being exposed next to one of the most emblematic ecclesiastical buildings of the city give an idea of ​​the emotional intentionality with which it is placed there.

It is a strange mixture because it is in all the “downtown” and very close to Wallstreet, but nevertheless, in the cemetery that surrounds the church, landscaped and made up of a salpicón of ancient tombs, reigns an unexpected calm. After the fall of the towers, they were affected and fell other buildings of the surroundings, the church of Trinity, in spite of its longevity, remained intact, which was taken as a miracle by many New Yorkers. Miracle or not, there it goes and this tree further strengthens the character of the place.

Those sinuous and meandering roots, carriers of the memory, deserved attention.

NY. August 2007.

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