A string of ideas to discover. One after another, each, possibly, more original. In the absence of only give the light and shine. That’s what big ideas are, they just wait for someone … to switch to the switch and say that about … I have an idea!

They are totally necessary, namely:

– Ideas to solve bad habits, envy, greed, stupidity, self-centeredness, pride, fanaticism, materialism and all those “isms” that are nothing but bad parasites that are sticking to us taking advantage of our bad immunity caused by the erroneous and interested education that we receive. There is field … etc … it is long.

– Ideas to make abusers, scammers, thieves, liars, politicians sold, rude, weak-minded, follow any idiotic current … etc …

– Ideas to enhance the monitoring of good common sense. If something is common sense … it should be above any law, because the laws are imperfect and always give way to the smart. Common sense is a natural medicine and as such is undervalued.

– Practical ideas such as creating a company that changes the combustion engines for clean engines in any existing car model. Dead the dog, the rabies is gone. Pollution restrictions would no longer take place.

– Ideas to sink, terminate, terminate, dissolve, etc … to that company and / or government that legally or illegally and in an interested way, try to end the previous idea.

– Ideas to implement controls that are as rigorous as they are free to any company that intends to sell food products, not only to organic products … to all.

– Ideas to sink, terminate, terminate, dissolve, etc … to that company and / or government that legally or illegally and perversely and interestedly, try to end the previous idea.

– Ideas for us to fit that we are too many and we have to control the natural instinct of procreation because we must refuse to be a bad virus for the planet in which we live.

– Ideas to colonize other planets and thus solve the previous point more quickly and less traumatically.

– Any idea that improves our coexistence, both among ourselves and with animals and enhances nature above all things.

In short, build, motivate, move forward, always improve. What is expected and desired from a civilization like ours. It’s that simple …

Let’s press the switch and the string will light up.


San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 2014.



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