In the main square of the town of Pedraza there is a facade with one face.

I saw her for the first time many years ago and since then whenever I go, I take a picture of her. The truth, the gesture does not change much with the passage of time, but in my pilgrimage to the Segovian places is part of almost a ritual. Surprise, fear, fright? With your mouth covered by a fence and your eyes crossed by two others, look and see what happens in the square. Has asymmetric knob, round eyes and wide open and mouth forced by the cry or exclamation. From the nose they forgot, but seeing … what’s the point of living smelling? Bullfights, filming of movies and some other sounded Christmas announcement …, it is not surprising that she was surprised forever with such stupidity and joy, or … will it be because of the cold that left her ecstatic? What a silly and not so silly reading is taken from a face that is not even a face, but if you think about it, how much face that if it is … does not communicate anything ?.

Long live the Face of Pedraza !


Pedraza, Segovia, August 2016.



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