A boy running in the immensity …

… innocent and unconscious, due to his early age, of the magnitude that surrounds him.

A landscape with arid contrast on the land but next to a large water reservoir.

The compression of the telephoto lens (in this case it was 400 mm) raises the water as a huge background.

The child ran and his father, seeing him from afar, goes after him with the purpose of reaching him and instilling the necessary thing about what is right and wrong, what is good and what is bad, what can be repeated and what He can not do it again.

Run, child, run! Do not let your father reach you.

The scene happens in a silence where only some birdsong and the whistle of the wind can fit.

The dawn of a new existence.

The formation of a new consciousness.


Madrid, August 1995. Pantano de Lozoya.



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