My first visit to the skyscraper city was in August 2007.

Like almost every citizen of the Western world who has seen a lot of “made in Hollywood” movies, almost everything there was familiar to me. Even the atmosphere in the street and the wandering of the countless pedestrians has some flavor to the Madrid in which I grew up, saving the distances … and above all the huge and titanic heights of which I will speak later. The island of Manhattan was small and they had no choice but to add plants and more plants to the buildings. The result is a hypnotizing city, with the charm of steel and concrete raised to its maximum, and in some cases, almost unimaginable dimension.

You can tell that the pace of daily life is hectic, but there is always a park to go to rest for a while. Be it the famous Central Park, or, for example, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park … etc … On that occasion we appeared in Union Square. There is a park with gardens where people lie on the lawn, a very common summer picture of the parks of New York.

It’s where I met the protagonist of this photograph. A Alocasia with a Black Leaf. No, I’m not a botanist, simply surfing the Internet is useful for many more things than connecting with friends on Facebook, including locating the name and surnames of this visual show. He stopped me, captivated me and I gave him the attention that, blatantly, demanded. Many times I have been asked if green is painted. If by “painted” it is understood that nature can paint and make a sample of his work through the leaves of the plants, not only is it painted, it is a work of art.

Curious is’nt it?, find something like this in the middle of the “Capital of the World”. It stopped my march, I lost sight of it and I never saw it again. On other occasions I went there apparently the Alocasias did not enter the botanical “menu” of Union Square. In any case I took her essence, her mystery, her blatant beauty and her perfection.

New York, August 2007.



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