The sea is huge as always. That calm, preceded a great Mallorcan sunset.

A sun more and more orange already giving signs of going to red to disappear. Suddenly, a sailboat appeared. It looked like the nut shell boat, adorned with paper candles from the song of Gaby, Fofó and Miliki. The mosquito could not be appreciated, but surely there he was singing his song.

There is nothing like a reference to contemplate the true dimension of a sea that overflows the photo on all sides.

It is easy to imagine placing oneself in this way not on the side of the coast, but in the middle of an ocean, in the middle of nothing and everything.

The course marking a destination that is neither seen nor felt. All a leap of faith to orientation and destiny.

Incredible to think when someone launched into the adventure without knowing for sure what was to be found.

Good to know, that there are still people who dare and reach their destination. Bad to know that others, without pretending adventures, have to do it and not reach it.

The sea is for the brave.


Mallorca, August 2009.



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