The first, the first act of faith … with 35 photographs impregnated with passion, illusion, intrigue, work …

Gallery D, which unfortunately no longer exists, (on the other hand, something that I am sure was not my fault;), it housed the images for two weeks.

Some influence of the famous Movida Madrileña had, all were black and white and colored by hand which was what really maintained the homogeneity in the sample since the theme was varied. The frames were marcoclips, the economy did not allow for more, the rest I completed with enthusiasm and work.

There were critics with varied moods. As usual, some more constructive than others, but certainly necessary to take a position in the world in which you live. It was a great experience that I repeated a good number of occasions and that for a long time I have been thinking about remembering, maybe.


Madrid. November 1994. Gallery D.


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