The most successful enemies of Lucky Luke, the Dalton brothers, inspired this photograph.

There were four not five but what prevails is the concept. They were identical and there was only one aspect that differentiated them, height. And it is that point where I remembered them when I saw those pipes placed step by step. One of many memories you have of the comics that look as a child. For me nothing like a good Super Mortadelo and Philemon Humor … anyway … for tastes … colors.

The funny thing is that they really existed. Of course they were not identical, rather the opposite. After a shooting they dispatched the four brothers in 1892. A photo of the day they killed them circulated on the Internet because apparently at that time they exposed the corpses so that people could see them, on the one hand to show that nobody escaped the law and another to recognize with their own eyes the identity of the executed. A gloomy image where there are.

A souvenir for the Daltons.


NY. April 2011. In the vicinity of the Chelsea Market.


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