skiing initiation


Besides how clumsy and unattractive I see myself on skis, my skiing initiation turned out to be a before-and-after.

To ski is to experience the serenity of going up on the chairlift, knowing that when you get to the top, the descent will begin. With the descent comes the risk, the adrenaline, the pulsations…and the fun begins. But all this requires being in shape, something I had given up on and quickly began to regret. The legs usually hurt, but in bad shade they squeak and muscles break (and some broke, in fact).

One may wonder, how many things we have denied ourselves in our lifetime. Whether as a precaution, internal beliefs, indoctrinations or influences from opinionated people, the result is always inaction. Excuses like “it’s too expensive” (when it really isn’t – depending on where you go) are all too common. But the “I don’t have time” makes me cringe the most and is one of the most recurrent. I don’t doubt there are very busy people out there but we all take time for who and what we really want.

I don’t mean to imply that everyone should ski at some point in their life, although I recommend it. You experience the fear of speed, the sense of instability, of being outside your comfort zone. It is more about personal introspection, of asking oneself, of knowing oneself, of evaluating the things one does, of the time one has left and of acting accordingly.

There is no doubt, time passes and the final prize rests inside a wooden box or a ceramic vase.


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