Everyone knows that the life of the things we buy is increasingly reduced.

Not satisfied with selling to the whole world, the companies calculate the time that the gadgets must last to proceed with their renovation so that we no longer only buy a device, we buy the time of use. If by any chance smile they last a little longer … we should take it almost as a divine gift, because the intention of the manufacturer was deliberately the opposite.

With analogue devices it was not so simple, but as soon as the chips appeared … making a device stop working from a certain moment turned into a sewing and singing.

It is that if it is not profitable they say … I will not go into this by the drift that can take, but it is a fact, that with various excuses the states help the disposal of things that can be fixed and updated remain, almost mandatory, aimed at its uselessness.

But I do go into the proliferation of many people who take as a personal struggle to throw down the plans of such programming. People looking for ways to extend life to your blender, to your washing machine, or, as the example of the photograph I am exposing here, to your car.

Walking … I do not know if he will walk, but he walked for a long time I do not have the slightest doubt. Painted and repainted by hand, there are so many layers of already cracked paint that it is not known what the original color of the creature was. The tires, even with good design, hardly hold it. the headlights and the frontal part as a face show a gesture already asking for scrapping. Submerged in deadly ailments that are increased daily by exposure to inclement. Scars of corrosion by the sides allow to imagine its long life.

Explain to your owner, a person without many resources who can not afford his replacement. What he does is not good, because it’s not … profitable.

By the way, why not sell electric motors to change them for combustion, so you do not have to buy a whole car and so the change would be much faster and less traumatic ?. But what a silly question, right?

Manatí, Puerto Rico, June 2014.



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