The rain generates melancholic and sad environments. That a sunny or rainy day affects many people emotionally.

The gray and blue tones induce or at least predispose to certain types of feelings and sensations and if in addition we add a bit of cold … the perfect cocktail is served. Not in vain, in the Anglo-Saxon world the allusion to the blue color refers to sadness, a blue day is a sad day, from those of picking up at home watching those films that we had pending. On the other hand it is a tremendous source of creativity for its sounds, for its reflections, for the increase of the contrast and the saturation of the colors and the halo of mystery that impregnates like a mantle everything moistened by the liquid element fallen from the heavens.

On one such occasion, I decided to go out looking for the aforementioned artistic productivity that causes rain, puddles, grays … and trees like the one that appears in the photograph, well, more specifically, its reflection in a puddle. That plot that supposed the reflection of its branches emulating the bronchi of a lung that obtained oxygen of that one environment, made me think that those so branched forms are an expression of the life, of the daily fight to exist, to breathe. At the end of the day the trees are like a lung for the atmosphere doing a much needed purifying work in the cities where we live. The sensation was very humid and there were barely a couple of hours of light left.

Why did I color it purple? Independently of being an artistic and interpretative touch of reality … it is another dimension where what was there was mixed with what I thought so that the pictorial is intertwined with the merely graphic. A unique hybrid of an instant of solitude only accompanied by the self seeking unforgettable impressions. A shot and a post-edition of brush, ink, concentration and patience with a high overdose of passion.

A wonderful and joyful act of faith that I would recommend to every person, even the most incredulous of itself, to the bluest, and even the most purple.

Madrid, February 1994.



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