Cats are definitely fashionable in social networks.

Felinity attracts. His elasticity, his predatory instincts, the agility with which they move, his silence when walking, the purring when they get affectionate, the snort when they do not like what is happening …, good entertainment. Having a cat at home is an experience, your personality is quickly noticed and your life, without your wanting it, returns to your needs and tastes.

This is the case of Patty, a character full of hobbies, sweet when he is interested and distract when … no longer interested. That yes …, very sincere miss. He likes to sleep next to one or directly above, depending on how cold it is. It has an adventurous character where there are, if it were human it would be a free soul, without a home, in search of … what life lets you find, and if you can eat better than better. He does not get on well with his little brother Jimmy, whom I’ll talk about on another occasion. Understand the basic orders very well and control perfectly when something of what you just did not like anything at all, which causes that recognized face of not having broken a plate in life. When he sleeps … serenity.

Madrid, August 2006.



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