After the arrival of digital photography everything took a big turn towards the screens of computers and later to the devices that today almost everyone knows and bears.

Going from the celluloid and paper supports to the virtual terrain where nothing is real and everything is pixels cost many photographers their withdrawal from the professional field, others, still young and starting, we adapt. We sit in front of the screen, mouse in hand and we get soaked learning to manage the editing programs. A whole revolution with many followers for its enormous advantages but also with its reactionary side vindicating the loss of the charm of the analogue and the magic of the dark room. In fact, the current vintage fashion is bringing back the interest in photography “from before”.

In my case, digital opened up a very large field of possibilities and applications that today are seen as normal because of the democratization of photography through the Internet. The new generations have learned and each time they will do it more, to see the photographs on a screen, to print them on paper is rarely justified except for something very particular. It is clear that everything evolves very fast and you always have to be willing to continue learning.

Paradoxically, in my experience, printing a large format photograph is a very special moment, a mixture between recognition of the image achieved with the sensation of giving it a value by letting it enter the world of the tangible, the world of things. The different materials and sensations that produce both sight and touch are endless. Perhaps it is something that remains of that moment where the temperature of a developer influenced the contrast of an image, and the silver showed its different behaviors according to the affection with which it was treated. When simple words like Rodinal, D76, C41 or E6 entered into a slang that little by little was dying like Roman.

Without more “poetry” … I do not like the virtual world that we are forced to do, from time to time we have to delight in playing the role of what we do, what we feel and what we think.

Image: Print of a photograph taken in New York, December 2013.



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