Possibly it is something that we can not avoid, humanize everything we see.

We see faces in the headlights of the cars (some even in some other facade and their windows), we see all kinds of recognizable formation in the clouds, we interpret the gestures of our pets as if they were human … Maybe we feel so alone as a species that we need to make the inert human. How nice it would be to meet someone intelligent non-human and be able to communicate with him, even if it was only to have another reference that was not always looking at our navel. It would be like going to another planet where a kilo would no longer weigh a kilo, or where the energy of a jump would not be the same. We would have to learn the measure of things again in a long learning process. Evidently, the tree had no intention of imitating any human form (it would be surprising and perhaps terrifying that it had some intention for something). I took the black and white image and then I highlighted the figure of the tree by coloring it by hand.

Madrid, November 1991. Casa de Campo.



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