We must, really, realize the true dimension that technological progress has reached in the last hundred years. From the radio, through the first car to finish talking about a boson or even the glimpse of the possible discovery of eternal youth.

Flying is something normal already in any mind moderately current. We got on some machines that take flight with the ease of a sparrow but with the size of fifty elephants. That flies and floats in the air with an average of 200 passengers in its belly, plus luggage and crew. We already see it with all naturalness, although it is not natural for us to fly, but it is normal to look up at the sky and see how one of those contraptions is speeding through, leaving its white mark wherever it goes.

Inside, some see a movie, others listen to music, others sleep and there are those who pray to arrive as soon as possible to an airport environment and life that some like and others suffer.

The next … teleportation, take care and look for the flies.

Manatí, Puerto Rico, January 2014.



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