Really interesting what we have seen in Mogarraz.

I do not know if my beloved José Cantero Gómez would include him in his list of places of experiential tourism. What I can assure you is that it is a different attraction and a truly impressive cultural claim. Of course, highly recommended. Mogarraz is a small medieval village in the region of the Sierra de Francia in the province of Salamanca. Currently with just 320 inhabitants. It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1998 and only for the town itself deserves, and much, worth visiting. The fact is that, independent of the old facades and cobblestone streets that do not disguise how hard life should have been there, the town exhibits a very unique pictorial project called Retrata2-388. A photographer, Alejandro Martín Criado and a painter Florencio Maíllo, this last inhabitant of the town. In 1967, Alejandro portrayed the adult population of Mogarraz for the elaboration of his DNI. After many years and based on the photographs of Alejandro, Florencio painted explicitly the portraits that were taken, using encaustic paintings on metal sheet. 388 works by people who mostly stayed in the town. I was able to talk to one of the people who explained how they installed the works on the walls of the houses. Most of them where they lived the portrayed themselves.


All photos in Mogarraz, Salamanca. July 2016


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