A few years ago, a friend gave me a bottle. He told me that he had been given, in turn, a friend who had worked in a bottle factory.

Apparently he kept the defective ones because a good number of them ended up with an attractive form from the purely decorative point of view, in this way he sold them and thus took out some additional money.

The issue is that I suffered a crush at first sight with that bottle. I liked him in all his angles and poses. Each of them made it look like another different bottle, something so special and so far from their “correctly” made mates.

But I not only experienced that attraction for the physical side, also for the emotional side. That evicted bottle, discarded, deformed, had the visual force of the exceptional and the rebelliousness of the different.

If you were less afraid of the exception and more of the “normal”, the world would be very different.

Madrid. December 2001.

Translation by Google translator.


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