To travel through Arizona is to know a horizon without end, where the lines of the old route of the well-known Route 66 are endless and lonely.

Only the wind and the squawking of some huge raven are heard from those who inhabit those parts.

Suddenly, a detour invites a promising adventure with the illusion of finding a huge crater that produced a meteor, they say, about 50,000 years ago. From one side to another has a distance of 1.2 kilometers and 170 meters deep. The impact must have been enormous and surely destroyed a large part of the arizonic territory.

When you can observe a vestige of this class in person, many things happen in your head. It is easy to fall in comparison with an artificial nuclear explosion, in what should have been the moment of the crash and what or who would have been wandering around, or the sudden and unexpected moment. It is impressive to think of the destructive capacity of an event as random as it is uncontrollable.

Is it that nature needs from time to time this type of demonstrations and then return to order ?. And us? Do we also work like that? We spend long periods with “flat encephalogram” broken by large and explosive movements that end in a new order and start again. Quite possibly thinking that our intelligence is enough to control and avoid those cycles is an idea as sterile as it is senseless.

I am going to apply this to the field of creativity, as of today my cyclical thinking is inaugurated. When I see that I’m running out of ideas … … … …

Arizona, April 2012.



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