An old suitcase is the home of a family of 9 dirty dolls, groped, battered, evicted and finally put on sale as slaves.

Some pissed, others talked, others showed some almost unknown regional costumes. Some still carry the pacifier that probably silenced the mechanism that caused their crying imitating those of a baby. All contributed in one way or another to forge the affective character of the people who deposited in them their love and their company.

One wonders if encouraging such affectivity through something inert is a good idea. Things can end up in the trash but any living being should not receive that treatment. A doll can get his eyes out, break his arms or throw against a wall, but doing it with the animated can be a really ugly act. An animal shows you its misfortune by being caressing it too long, a doll does not say anything, does not feel and is not even something that can be raised.

Would it be, then, an atrocity to think that if the dolls were worth to encourage good feelings should not it make sense to throw them away ?. I say it more than anything because the authentic affective bonds are not only based on keeping company and giving love, above all it underlies something that breaks without shame with the world of dolls, loyalty.

Did I say only in the world of dolls? …

By the Rastro, Madrid, September 2016.



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