Steven Jobs said that life is full of straight lines that unite those moments that seem to have no relationship or meaning when we are in them.

Whatever happens to us, we learn, we live and we experience, in one way or another it ends up connecting and taking a general sense in the narration of our ephemeral existence. Discovering your lines, the relationship between the points of your life and knowing how to take advantage of them is part of what we call intelligence, just the opposite of trying to control everything so that nothing changes.

Learning mathematics, they teach us that in a first level there are points. Between one point and another you can always draw a line, with two lines we can define a plane, and between different planes we will encounter the third dimension. In our life time runs and we can entertain painting all kinds of curves more or less sinuous, but we must not forget that the shortest path will always be the straight.

From blue lines and spaces goes this photograph taken in the Plasencia reservoir. All intersect, some are more static than others, some unfinished and with infinite spaces to discover, like life itself.

Plasencia reservoir, Cáceres. 2017.

Translation by Google translator.



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