A colleague by profession, who traveled often through the rest of Europe, once made this comment: “The first time you go to an unknown place, where you don’t understand the language, you feel a sensation as if you were levitating, as if you were floating “

At that time I was not very “traveled” and my excursions outside Spain were few and brief. In the same way that happens with the clients of anyone who earns their living as a freelancer, or they do not call or call all at once, that static life made another one more dynamic, to the point of going to live in another country.

The point is that, at some point, I experienced that feeling they told me about. Mainly provoked by the uncertainty of wandering through a place where the rules and customs are different. That uncertainty that arises when they take you out of your comfort zone and you have no choice but to open your eyes and see what happens, wake up, learn and adapt.

The airports, so common for many people today, are probably the places where the concentration of levitations is highest. Where people float more. Levitations that start with the farewell and will shoot on arrival.

On one occasion, having a coffee and some candy in an airport, the person who attended us told us: “With that amount of sugar, you will be flying out before you get on the plane”. That person did not realize that he was showing me another way to float, but in this case wrapped in a gloomy halo of insalubrity.

Conclusion? If you travel and feel that Levites will learn new things. Not only of the place you visit, but also of you.

Translation by Google translator.



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