It is undoubtedly one of the problems that causes more errors in the deal between people.

The work collectives suffer with assiduity. Bad explanations, incomplete contents, ways of transmitting that lead to ambiguity and equivocation, suppose that the other already knows the subject, or the concept, etc …

As the well-known phrase says: “To a good listener, few words are enough”. Ya, but of those good listeners … there are not many huh ?. Or what is not good communicators ?. Definitely one thing goes hand in hand with the other and in each case in particular we should analyze which side falls.

There are even jokes in which substantial changes of meaning are reflected by simply forgetting to put a comma or a tilde in the place that corresponds to it. Or just for the sake of talking about you … or about you.

Can such ideas come when you see the broken wires of an old telephone line pole? Can.


Salamanca, November 2002.



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