If qualifying as: affectionate, obsessive with food, handsome, curious, seductive, half cowardly, tenacious, friendly, elegant, naughty, fat but keeping the forms, I already said curious ?, interesting and trickster could come together in a single being with shape of a cat … that would be Jimmy.

Living with a friend like that is something that you have to get used to, nothing, on the other hand, that time and love can not solve, but, really, you have to get used to it.

The story of Jimmy, Fifi for the closest ones, was a story of abandonment. We found it in a park in Puerto Rico. For the reason that he was alone and walked behind a sweeper desperately asking for food. As soon as he was a few months old, he was undernourished and his ribs were perfectly appreciated. The fleas were roaming around that hungry body and his eyes were sad.

We do not know if, due to the bad circumstances of his childhood, he may have the obsession he has now with food. And it is that Fifi eats his, his sister’s, and if he had access to the fridge, he would end up with all the stocks in the house. Of course, we limit it but another thing is to pretend that you understand it.

And there he is, with that pintona de don gato and those immense mustaches, taking a nap, like a rajah.

Madrid, November 2016.



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