About 15 years ago I took this image with a camera that brought me a provider.

I was trying to sell them in the company for which at that time I was working as Photography Product Manager. Of course, it was a device for a curious consumer market with technology, not at all professional.

The issue is that I decided to do something with that little camera and given its low resolution, I thought about creating a collage. I had a computer with an image editor already of relative importance and I decided to do something with a message.

At that time I was thinking about many things about my future, about what I was doing and about what I would really like to do. When those two things do not fit … or you’re conformist (some call it realistic and sensible) or you make a decision and go for what you want, as some politician known to whom I’m not going to name … at all costs , and it costs me what it costs me. In all that restlessness the reality is that I felt very lonely. I was surrounded by “sensible” people who did not contribute anything to me and bored me supremely. I wanted to be a photographer. Photography came to my life many years ago and well for the “good sense” of others, or for my own, did not give way. This was the moment.

I already had the message, loneliness and frustration, a “I want to leave here!”. Of course, the scenario could not be the offices of the company … sorry … I decided it would be the kitchen of my house. It did not matter if it was interpreted as the “Kitchen Agobiao”, because he did not want to be too explicit in case someone from the company saw it. He appeared bare-chested and barefoot because I thought he would emphasize more the message of liberation and dispossession of the oppressive. It is a message to the heart literally discovered.

In all the companies where you work, you find friends … and undesirables. People who make life more bearable and bitter that they want you badly just because they have you in front of them every day. Between one and the other … they managed to see the Director General himself, call me, and ask me … what was that?

My answer was: That is the proof that with a modest camera you can create interesting images. His face was “this guy has something in his head and we had not realized it until now”. I explained that photography was my life and that I enjoyed making photographs. I had the Director General looking at the photograph … and I did not know what the subject was about. I think I intuited it, yes, but nothing more. After half a year of this I submitted the withdrawal. A new life began for me, without loneliness, without frustration and also without “good sense”.

Digital photography began to appear but in the form of large contraptions that were adapted to some models of analog cameras of the moment with very little autonomy, capacity and resolution. It was unlikely to be done with any of those teams.

The photo camera was a Spypen Axis that just had 0.3 megapixel. That had no screen, no memory card, nothing, just fired and then the images were turned over to the computer with a USB cable. It also worked as a webcam, something that still sounded like a distant language and another quadrant of the galaxy, although we were already entering the new 21st century. The year 2000 had created many expectations. It seemed that we were all flying in the Enterprise and teleporting … Needless to say … it was not like that, in fact … it still is not (A good topic of conversation this one, the expectations vanished and I suppose that we will have to wait until the year 3000 for them to return …).

The image has 5.5 megapixels approximately and I used for it about 25 shots to the whole kitchen plus mine sitting on the floor, the rest … in front of the screen.

Today, 2016, having a camera with more than 50 mpx is something to the order of the day, traditional photography … many have not even known it, in my personal opinion … for your disgrace. Probably the figures of ten years from now will be stratospheric and when you take a picture you will be macrophotographing all around us. I do not know what utility it will have in a future where 99% of the images will be seen on a screen and will not touch paper. The reality is that this “dosage” of technology, promoted by the big brands to provoke so much buying and selling of a photographic material that is devalued and obsolete in just one year, has greatly distorted what the word “Photography” includes.

It is that bad idea instilled in the most unwary and uninformed, that having a good camera guarantees good photos. That the more megapixels have better will be. That if it is Full Frame, the pictures will be impressive. What, what, what … … …. And there you have them, queuing every time a brand brings out the latest novelty and selling like crazy the previous. Victims of an increasingly fierce consumerism, and with the audacity to justify nonsense. It was seen coming from far away when instead of manufacturing “digital reels”, that if they did it in medium format, they chose to build cameras with few years of obsolescence.

It is clear, that everything has changed, because the photo is not as much appreciated as the camera. Let’s not say anything about the plane that is reserved for the “photographer”. Fortunately there will always be someone who will appreciate it, but in an almost underground rebel against the dictates of the large corporations of the photographic industry, which manipulate the flows of opinion to their benefit in a terrible way.

We’ll always have Paris.


Madrid, end of 2000.



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