They say that life shows you different messages wherever you go, some more casual than others.

The issue is that the reinvention of oneself is an increasingly normal situation in these times. These almost lifelong jobs that were before have practically ceased to exist, and the same goes for personal relationships in which to enjoy this desired stability where we found that ideal person and a perfect environment has always been … very nice to see in the movies.

It is not that we live in a disaster, we live in times of reinvention, of adaptation to new parameters, new proposals and ideas not to sell, but to live and develop as “normal” people. Taking as “normal” a much broader, and exponentially growing, spectrum of what our ancestors had accustomed us with their customs and beliefs.

I took this picture in Manhattan, not far from where the Brooklyn Bridge begins. It is the facade of a kind of art gallery, which is mixed with functional environments and audio visual ideas. Oh! they call it multidisciplinary space. Maybe we should think that since they are not clear about what they definitely are … they need a miracle to carry out such a comprehensive reinvention. It is known the saying of who much covers little squeezes, but the little fruitfulness and the much competition in each field makes that they want to monopolize many. In any case, luck is always desirable for those who dare and dare.

Who could not use a miracle to solve their problems ?, a clean slate, a good lottery, someone who values ​​their skills with fairness and encourages and rewards them …

Let’s see it in a less selfish way: We all need a miracle.

New York, May 2014.



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