A sentence so used as sullied by so many dreams desired but not fought. Many times for lack of initiative, others simply because of the impotence of wanting something but not being able to do anything about it, others because they do not want to put the grain of sand, etc … etc …

One of those dreams is already more than a global dream. What it means to stop using polluting fuels. And we can complain, we can leave the car more parked, we can sign or cry, but clearly we can not change the world as fast as we would be interested. We must return to a clean environment and in harmony with nature.

Once I met a person who defined himself with “The Demon of Harmony”. I always assumed, because I did not ask him, that that, to call it somehow, “duality” that supposed to be harmonic and demonic at the same time was what he liked or what he longed to be. There is also that phrase of “He who does not dazzle for his brilliance baffles with his bullshit”, although in this particular case I do not think it was right. The fact is that it was strange to think that being harmonious could be compatible with a Luciferian character. But time, which they say puts things in their place, showed me the answer. Being harmonious and demonic at the same time is as simple as the definition of human existence itself.

Our dualities, which we can not get rid of, smart / stupid, constructive / destructive … … and the injustices, calamities and sufferings that entail, are undoubtedly our real struggle, our great challenge as a species.

Meanwhile, a wish, a dream, a cry, a vision, and a prayer, if necessary, for the end of the service stations and their fluids from hell.

Ceiba, Puerto Rico. February 2015.

Translation by Google translator.



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