When I made this picture, I thought about the one that refers to what one collects according to what is planted throughout its existence.

Also, but to a lesser extent, to someone a little more “warlike” as it is “who sows winds, gathers storms”.

The reality is that our life continues to maintain a parallel with the noble work of growing food. Not in vain, the word culture derives from cultivation, so that when we acquire culture what we really do is cultivate ourselves, in the sense of cultivating our spirit and our knowledge.

Just as it is done in the field, there is a time for preparation, as is the time of tillage and sowing. A time to grow by putting everything controllable on our part so that it goes well and hoping that the uncontrollable is favorable and a time to collect, to harvest.

Currently we live in troubled times, preparation and growth are altered by external factors and the harvest seems never to arrive and in many cases not be the result of an effort, but rather the opportunism of the carnivore, of the predator.

Bad business for a species that continually proclaims itself “intelligent”, the snow dissipates in the water of the lake, does not curdle in the mountain and a fog appears that covers everything.

In the countryside they wonder if it will still be worthwhile to continue making the furrows for the next harvest.

Azuqueca de Henares, June 2004.



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