In the end everyone in one way or another … pulls the chain.

It is the phrase that inspired this photograph in 1994. A fatherly phrase said at the precise moment, and not heard as it really deserved, in all its greatness. It is part of that bold and transgressive beginning in search of the visual impact of a young photographer.

And it’s possible that in a figurative way there will be chains of gold and inlaid diamonds … but to pull the chain … is to pull the chain.

It is the last gesture of a goodbye to our toxic filth that, after forging itself inside us, they leave for another dark place that wants them better … or worse, or simply life gives them a useful use according to what they are.

The gesture of pulling the chain is a purifying and recurring symbol for those who really need and want their life to be a healthy life. The chain is pulled as a result of a physiological need many times throughout our lives, but it also pulls the chain to obtain that peace of mind so delicious for those who know how to appreciate it. Not only waste is toxic, but also people are, most are not aware of how much they can get intoxicate and condition the lives of those around them. More than recommended book with respect to this subject is “Gente Tóxica” by Bernardo Stamateas. In it he raises the phenomenon of toxicity in people and how to avoid it.

But there are many more toxicities, such as bad information, indoctrination, the lack of a critical mind, or lack of vision … But this is … another story.

For now … let’s pull the chain.


Madrid, July 1994.



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