There are no worse prisons than we impose on ourselves.

The ever-present social pressure of those closest to us and of the immediate environment makes many people make decisions that are not properly thought out and based on that internal whisper that gives us good things because “it is what the whole world does”, “it is what normal”. It is like a current that has to continue full of moral senses, as practical as artificial, when what should always prevail is what one truly thinks, feels and reasons he needs.

Having a critical mind makes you unpredictable for predators and for those who are not, but expect you to do “what you touch” and do not like. Pretending to live, as Loquillo said: “outside the herd”, with its own criteria and valuations, is not to the liking of a society that bases its continuity on grafting false ideas and needs into the memory of those who compose it. Ideas and lies that benefit a few and enslave the rest and in which, to a greater or lesser extent, we all enter the cloth, almost always without knowing.

One of the keys is to value our time, because it is the most valuable asset we have, it is irrecoverable and can not be bought.

We must regain control over our vital time and escape.

P.D .: Do not do this at home, it can be dangerous. Children can begin to practice it always in the company of an adult.

Alcobendas, November 2016.



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