The discontinuity of a broken line. Transition to a new order, a new vision and sensation.

A fortuitous imbalance resulting from a capricious as well as revolutionary chance. Faced with this situation, the power to adapt and overcome is put into effect. That which, to the converted, gives it another name and changes the concepts to make them useful so that a disastrous event can finally be a work of art or an example of supreme creativity.

Art and chance go hand in hand on numerous occasions. It is like a chaotic sensation that ends in the harmony of inspiring and subtle forms that seem to have the sole purpose of capturing our attention.

So we started from two schools ?. Random art full of events that must be identified and captured, and that of scientific art, where everything is thought and studied in a meticulous, almost malevolent way, to cause a reaction calculated in the public.

Of course both are valid, it is the good thing of art, it shelters all the initiatives whatever they are and wherever they come from. The intriguing are the different personalities that hide behind them. The calculating mind, obsessive and in need of an order that explains everything and justifies, in front of the free mind that learns to take advantage of what it sees and has the ability to maximize it to its maximum expression.

The discontinuity is one of those galactic clouds where stars are formed that give the cleanest and most powerful light without knowing how far their rays can reach. It is a source of beauty as sudden and unpredictable as it is admirable.

Besalú, June 2011.



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