If the evolution of our existence were shown in the form of levers, what would we throw? Some affect our knowledge, others to health, others to the sentimental level, others to the economic, in fact we do nothing but be pulling them at all times and many times without realizing it.

In most of the moments when we decide in our life there is no turning back. As with the needles of a train, once the train starts to deviate it must continue. Otherwise, if we tried to change the course when making a change of direction, it would surely derail.

From that approach come the questions: How many derailments does life permit? One? Two? Five? None?

The concept of responsibility arises. That so skillfully handled by insurance companies. Concept as chained as sticky and that in many cases is a real trap.

This is why, before moving the lever and orienting our train, we must learn, inform ourselves, develop a critical mind and finally decide our next destination.

Passengers to the train!

Translation by Google translator.



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