Turbulent times.

Sometimes because of the inclemency of the weather, which will undoubtedly stalk us with increasing virulence, showing us our insignificance and our little humility. Meanwhile, the abnormal is not missing (because it’s not normal) playing basketball with the help of the innocent.

Others for ourselves, against each other and the others against each other. Of course it is a way of speaking, nothing to do with the return of Attila … or yes?

Rights, laws and rebellions among thieves and the just, what a mix !, what a plan !. Grab the pasta! is the war cry of a few who control the wounded heart of those who only look at the finger, as if it were a drone remote control on a whim. Meanwhile coars are cut, knives are sharpened and the bull prepares to take a run.

We boast of being civilized, scientifically advanced, to the point that nothing that is not demonstrated by numbers does not even deserve the consideration of existing.

But something is wrong, something is not right in our species, something simply does not work and does not look like it will be done at some point in time, as it is so cool to say now, sustainable. Is it a bad gene ?, Is that reptilian part that we can not get rid of ?, Is it … … By the way … …

Quo Vadis Domine?

Translation by Google translator.



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