If we really thought about everything we can do throughout our lives thanks to our hands, we would probably consider erecting a monument to them.

That bunch of carps, metacarpals, phalanges, falanginas and phalanxes moved with celestial synchrony by tendons and muscles always obedient to our orders.

There are hands of many kinds: strong, wet, dry, skilful, clumsy, with thin and long fingers, not so long, determined hands. Whatever they are, they are absolutely essential.

They are part of the executive system of the great company that is our body, and they work with millimetric precision.

They hit, caress, scratch, grab and hold, hold, push, express with numerous gestures, from applause to a comb, from the victory vee or the circle of ok to the thumb down or the Vulcan salute of Mr. Spock…

As it is a handshake we know what interest we arouse. Gestures thousands have their hands. And we must never forget … those hands that cradled our crib.

Impossible to underestimate its value. For an artist, they are everything, and for a surgeon, and for a pilot … I continue?

I have already decided but given that the budget in terms of monuments of this humble photographer is perhaps something scarce, this photograph serves, although it is not monumental, it is undoubtedly an example of finger expression representative of the hands with which he was born . That if … and grown up.


Alcobendas, November 2016.



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