It is a group of white parallel lines placed carefully in the picture of the image. There is perspective because of the different thicknesses and it really exists for what it is.

Shown as a kind of pentagram without the proper symbols of musical notes and times. The background is the blue sky that turned almost black because of a red filter. The lines are the white cables of the well-known Alamillo bridge in Seville, that bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir and was designed by the no less well-known architect Santiago Calatrava on the occasion of the 1992 Universal Exposition.

The photographer’s eye is a persistent visual seeker. We are bystanders, but not in the tragic sense of the word, if it is that being a voyeur … is something tragic.

Hunting, I suppose, is mostly another: framings, lights, volumes, rhythms, textures, expressions, moments, movement, calm, action, joy, melancholy, composition, colors, tones, impact, emotion, coldness, beauty, ugliness, realities , the lightness of a gesture, parallel universes, abstraction … … … … A cocktail of some, several or many of these things to a greater or lesser extent and with its numerous nuances.

It is a search as incessant as passionate whose first act concludes with the magical sound that produces the release of a shutter.

After the whole process, the public’s gaze remains. Let’s not kid ourselves, take pictures to keep them and not show them … it does not fit into the plans of a photographer, no matter how much they want to make it interesting. You may like to create admiration, or directly scandalize, or remove consciences in a more or less subtle way, but there is always a background.

What happens is that to capture the whole, it is necessary to learn to look at a photo, just as you always had to learn to look at a picture, to read it, and, especially, to read between the lines.

Seville, September 2003.



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