There is no doubt the majority likes to live where others are and where they can easily relate, or at least feel that they are surrounded by others.

We form communities and related groups, some would call it “the herd”. The fact is that like ants or termites, we form large communities and build immense buildings with the “cells” that everyone can afford to buy. The most expensive are usually those that are higher and whose views are more attractive although it is not as practical access and time to spend (elevator, etc …) or seen otherwise, more insecure in case of fire or any type of emergency since it would be the ones that would take the most time to evacuate.

I wonder if it will really be so necessary, civic and even healthy to be so close to each other, being a reality that the majority of the relationship between neighbors sticks to a hello and goodbye (and sometimes less), or is it simply the interest of the builders to get the maximum benefit from a piece of land. And is that we have always entered the rag in everything and what supposedly benefits everyone … finally only benefits a few.

Chicago. October 2010.



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