Keanu Reeves recently stated, “I cannot be part of a world where…modesty is a disadvantage.”

Does moving forward as a society mean we have to hide and sift every emotional aspect of our lives?

Should an advanced society be devoid of emotion? The more cold and calculating we are the better will we be?… or is it that… in a predatory environment you have to behave like a predator if you want to survive?. Is the environment wrong then? Be careful what you think… the environment is “unquestionable”. Are we weaker if we vent emotions, affection, empathy, love, sensitivity, compassion, and sincerity? I´ll leave it there.

Speaking of environments, it was in Barcelona, among iron and concrete, where I found and took this photograph. The same setting and location where I found love years before. Maybe all you have to do is open your eyes and look around. The problem is that looking is not the same as seeing, as paying attention, as noticing every shadow, every corner and every person that walks along with you. A look that takes work, but work that becomes sensation, art, expression, emotion … and in this case in the shape of a heart.

Barcelona. Junio de 2011.



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