By bicycle you see the world in a different way.

The wind hits the face and the rain falls on top. The movement grabs you and makes you, within the instability of two wheels, find the path you have marked without hitting the bones on the ground. The slopes cost to raise them and they are a glory to lower them. If you want to get there earlier, the cost is the effort to pedal harder. The normal thing is that one leaves the hurry and enjoy the trip and everything that surrounds it when doing it.

Having a lane to travel without the worry of being hit by a car is something that is priceless, and if it is in a beautiful city where you can visit different places by bike, a luxury.

How good life would be if for each action we easily found the way to go. A safe path in which to develop our skills or work to achieve our goals without outrages, only, nothing more and nothing less, giving free rein to our talent and our effort. A path that avoids greed and greed, far from uninvolved and non-participative behavior, far from envy and intransigence. A “life lane” where everyone could realize the exciting sport of existing.

Barcelona, ​​June 2011.



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