One night in the open to see the Perseids, who let themselves be seen, and to spend a wonderful evening in good company.

I would give much comment about the light pollution produced by cities and towns. As far as astronomical photography is concerned, they are seen as enormous boilers of light that flood the photogram. In our case we were in the area of El Escorial, in Robledondo, in a mountain that is near and where many people do not go (the truth is that we were almost alone). Somebody I caught, and the milk route but we thought that there would not be so much orange light in the cities. From there the panorama was impressive and an authentic measure of the invasive nature of the human community is taken. Above you look at the immensity of the unknown universe, with the anxiety of wanting and not being able to. It is without doubt a highly recommended experience. Next time without added light please.


Robledondo, Madrid, August 2016.


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