Chromatica blends the curious eye of a fine art photographer with the ingenuity of an interior designer. Together we offer creative photography services to architecture and interiors projects, as well as to fashion, documentary and advertising industries.

Our portfolio spans 20 years of experience showcasing interiors for design magazines, faithfully reproducing the colors of products in marketing campaigns, and capturing the essence of events. Our expertise on composition, lighting and attention to detail, means you can rely on a job well done.

Listening to our clients and accurately interpreting their needs has kept customers coming back again and again. None of this can be accomplished without a healthy dose of ambition. It fuels our motivation and our relentless perseverance.

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It didn’t take long for our artistic flow to turn to product design. Keeping photography as the foundation of our work, we have created a line of photography prints, lighting products, and home accessories renowned for its unique way of translating ordinary elements into objects of unconventional beauty.

Our designs, mostly inspired by nature, urban centers and industrial ruins, are characterized by a blend of patterns, textures and colors that evoke an emotional connection and a sense of familiarity. They are not just functional items, they are conversation pieces that will enhance any décor and project individuality.

This balancing act of mixing old with new, industrial with modern and rugged with polished, is intrinsic to our brand’s signature aesthetic and eclectic style.

Take a peak at our Product Lookbook and get to know some unexpected places we draw inspiration from!

Our line of products can be accessed via our CHROMATICAhome page.


All for one and one for all.

Carlos Pérez

Carlos Pérez

– Photographer –

“The camera is just a tool, like a brush, like a pencil, like a chisel, like a hammer.”

Carene Pérez

Carene Pérez

– Photo Stylist + Interior Designer –

“The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.“

– Sylvia Plath


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