Who does not remember the moment …

… in which the pod opens, the egg, or whatever, and an Alien is fired that clings to the face of John Hurt as who wants to give a screw kiss ?.

Fortunately for the rest of the crew, only one of the entire field of capsules came out … the eighth passenger, who is in charge of putting the bird together for the entire film.

Having said that, here is a wonderful field of cocoons. I know it sounds a little weird, but it really is that way. It is a margarita, the central part, the yellow one, before its floral community opens and pollination begins. Daisies are composite flowers. This means that it is not a single flower but consists of a community of tiny flowers, each with its own independent reproductive system. All of them share and are surrounded by the famous white petals of “he loves me, he does not love me” … it is simply a matter of survival.

This image shows the world of those small flowers to which nobody usually pays tribute.

Madrid, April 2004.


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