Thinking about life, about life itself and without any other mental gimmickry, about the simple and plain value of existing in this world or in whatever it is and living.

Life leaves traces, scars, physical and mental mutilation, allows you to experience all kinds of sensations … to whom you can experience sensations. Some beings see, hear, feel, smell and taste, others develop incredible senses, and others have to settle for just breathing and rocking in the wind. The latter, for obvious reasons, are the most defenseless and the animates take them as if they were inert matter.

The photo shows a narrative of sixteen short lives in the form of magnetic resonance where each ring symbolizes a year of valuable life. Sixteen young trees that stopped breathing, of throwing leaves, of exchanging oxygen with the atmosphere, of giving shade, of obtaining nutrients from the earth that held them, of giving shelter to other beings, and of living.

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. April 2015



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